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All Boxshop UK packing boxes, moving boxes, removal boxes, storage boxes, wardrobe boxes and archive boxes are 100% recyclable.

Recycled Packing Boxes

All moving boxes, packing boxes, removal boxes, storage boxes, wardrobe boxes and archive boxes that are supplied by Boxshop UK are manufactured from fully recycled materials and reclaimed wood pulp.

Removal boxes manufactured for Boxshop UK are sealed using only 100% water soluble and bio-degradable adhesives which are harmless to humans, animals and the enviroment, rather than metal staples, not only safer for children and inquisitive pets, but it means they are totally biodegradable without compromising removal box strength.

Here at Boxshop UK, we are fully committed to promoting the use of fully recycled materials in all our products that we supply to UK wide consumers and hope that our commitment can make even a small difference to the planet that we inhabit for the benefit of our children and future generations.

When you order your removal boxes and packing materials from www.boxshop.uk.com, It’s not only kinder on your bank balance, but your order also contributes to a commitment to enviromental change.

All our moving and storage boxes are produced from 100% recyclable materials, paper and cardboard are enviromentally friendly materials.

Boxshop UK is proud to be an eco-aware company, and as such we only use cardboard suppliers committed to the goal of ensuring that we all live and work in an enviromentally friendly world.

As a user of such basic resources as wood, fibre, water and energy, our cardboard suppliers make strenuous efforts throughout their entire supply chain to preserve the enviroment.

The nature of its product itself; the moving boxes and supplies are recyclable or made from recycled paper, the respect of the enviromental regulations and the drastic reduction of the impacts of its industrial operations and reflect their commitment to protect the enviroment.

Wood and paper products are part of an integrated eco-cycle based on the photosynthetic conversion of water, carbon dioxide, nutrients and other biomass components.
If used wood and paper products are collected separately from other waste they start a new life as a secondary raw material or bio-fuel. For our company recycling is an economic and technical reality and its record in this field is among the best. In our mills, recycling rates measured by the percentage of recovered fibres used in domestic consumption are very high (over 70 %).

Boxshop UK believe that if we all made a little effort then collectively we can make a big difference.


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