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30 x Packing Box 1

£63.84 (30 x Packing Box 1 Special Offer)
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30 x Packing Box 1 Special Offer £63.84

Extra discounts on 30 of our packing box 1.

This is ideal for heavy items, cardboard packing and removal box 1 is designed and manufactured for packing small, heavy household items such as tinned food and books, the packing box size prevents overpacking (weight and protruding items).
Packing box 1 is also ideal for fragile items such as wine glasses and crystalwares.
Ideal size and ease of handling. is modular (stackable) and wont crush under pressure, such as ten other packing boxes above.

Packing Box Size
Length 45 x Width 45 x Height 26 (cm)
Length 18 x Width 18 x Height 10 (inches)

Packing Box Grade
125 Kraft/Test Double Wall

Easy Box Identification
Packing box 1 has a pre-printed room indicator and contents grid which allows you to indicate with a marker pen, the packing box contents, destination at your new home and your name and box number if the packing box is to be used for storage.
This allows accurate distribution and un-packing priority.

Easy Box Assembly
1. Identify the bottom of the box.
2. Fold two opposite flaps together.
3. Fold the remaining two opposite flaps together.
4. Seal along the joint and at least six inches down the sides with packing tape.
5. Do not interlock the flaps, as this will weaken the packing box.

High Quality Manufacture
Packing box 1 is an extra strong removal box, manufactured from 150 grade kraft test double wall corrugated cardboard, it has been designed for packing smaller heavier items during house removals and storage.
The quality cardboard construction of each removals box gives it an integral wall strength for stacking and so prevents crush or impact damage to the box and its contents.

Recycled Cardboard

Packing and removal box 1 is manufactured from 80% recycled waste paper (test) and 20% pure 150 grade Kraft paper.
The removal box 1 outer is water resistant and shower proof (kraft).
Strong water soluble adhesive is used on box seams which is 100% bio-degradable and harmless to animals.
Packing and removal box 1 is 100% recyclable.

Easy Handling

Packing and moving box 1 is modular so that it will stack easily together in removal vans, box rooms and storage units with other Boxshop packing boxes, just like using building blocks.

Rule of thumb The heavier the item, the smaller the box it should be packed in.

Packing Advice
For Helpful Packing Advice, View How To Pack


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